Oct 18, 2023

syntheticAIdata presented at The Nordic AI Young Researcher Symposium (Nordic AI Meet 2023)

We recently participated in the Nordic Young Researchers Symposium, held in Copenhagen on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2023. This event, organized by NORA and the Danish Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence, attracted over 160 young researchers, including our team. Our CTO, Goran Vuksic, had the opportunity to present our work during the Industry track of the event.
syntheticAIdata presented at The Nordic AI Young Researcher Symposium (Nordic AI Meet 2023)
Our Chief Technology Officer, Goran Vuksic, was among the notable speakers in the Industry track, where he showcased our Enterprise solution. His presentation outlined how our approach empowers organizations to harness the transformative potential of synthetic data, which accelerates their AI journey.
Goran's Reflection on NORA:
Reflecting on the importance of this event, Goran remarked, 'Presenting at NORA was a great opportunity for us. It allowed us to engage with some of the brightest young minds in AI, share our innovative approach to enhancing vision AI models using synthetic data, and contribute to the collective growth of AI knowledge. NORA's focus on strengthening research and innovation in AI aligns perfectly with our mission and core values.’
Highlights from Other Presentations:
Presentations from other leading organizations, such as SINTEF, Corti, and Skanska brought various industry insights to the symposium. These presentations offered diverse perspectives on AI advancements, from healthcare applications to construction industry innovations.
Moving Forward:
The insights and connections we gained at the Nordic AI Meet 2023 are invaluable. We are more energized than ever to continue our work. Stay tuned for updates on our platform, and don't hesitate to contact us for more information or collaboration opportunities.
About Nora:
NORA – Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium – aims to strengthen Norwegian research, education, and innovation within artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, as well as other relevant research that supports the development of artificial intelligence applications.
The consortium will further contribute to positioning Norwegian research in artificial intelligence in the international arena and have a special responsibility for developing activities aimed at Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

Read more about Nora on their website.