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Accelerate Your Vision AI Model Creation

Synthetic data is a cost-effective way to train and improve AI models. By using the syntheticAIdata, you can easily generate large synthetic datasets, which will significantly speed up the training of vision AI models for tasks such as image classification, image segmentation and object detection.
Our solution will help you bring AI-powered applications to market faster.

syntheticAIdata is supported by Microsoft for Startups and part of NVIDIA Inception program.

How It Works

Synthetic AI data is generated with three simple steps: upload your 3D model, configure options and download generated data.

Upload 3D Model

With web based dashboard you can easily upload your 3D model that will be used for synthetic data generation.

Configure Options

Use default options for data generation or select options (such as backgrounds, lighting, etc.) for a variety of results.

Download Data

Download generated synthetic data for training of your AI model. Data is stored in your account and can be downloaded again when needed.


Easily integrate with different cloud-based services and bring data to your development environments.

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Benefits of Synthetic Data

Accelerate AI model creation and greatly improve the accuracy of your existing AI models.

  • Shorten the time for data collection and tagging
  • Minimize costs for data collection
  • Reduce the bias in your training data
  • Get more accurate AI detections

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Let us help you generate synthetic datasets on a large scale, accelerate your vision AI model training, achieve great cost savings for your projects, reduce the risk of human error and more.

Contact us to learn more about our platform and services we can provide!


Our platform will soon open to developers worldwide offering easy synthetic data generation for vision AI model training and integration with different cloud based services (such as Azure Custom Vision, Edge Impulse, etc.).

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From 3D Model to AI at the Edge

In manufacturing, automotive, retail, and many more industries, 3D models are widely used. These industries use AI at the Edge, but pre-built AI models are insufficient for many use cases. Therefore there is a need for custom-trained AI models. Photorealistic images generated from 3D models and used for AI training can simulate real-world scenarios and remove many burdens, such as privacy and regulatory concerns, lack of training data, and more.

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Awesome Features

While we work hard on adding many new features, main features of syntheticAIdata are highlighted below.

3D Models

Import realistic 3D models and generate synthetic data for AI vision model training.


Choose from colors and shapes varieties, real world pictures, auto generated backgrounds, and many more.


Different lighting options are available to make your 3D models more realistic and synthetic data more diverse.

Annotation Types

We support three most used image annotation types: object detection, semantic segmentation and image classification.


Scale data generation easily, create image batches that suit your needs to improve models accuracy.

About syntheticAIdata

Affordable and Diverse Synthetic Data for Vision AI Model Training

With syntheticAIdata you are able to generate synthetic datasets on a large scale, and accelerate vision AI model training. Generating large synthetic datasets will bring great cost savings to your projects, and it will reduce the risk of human error.

Synthetic data is one of the most promising techniques on the rise in modern deep learning, especially computer vision.

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