Apr 19, 2024

syntheticAIdata at DTU SkyLab: Enhancing AI Models with Synthetic Data

At DTU SkyLab, syntheticAIdata was featured in two separate events that showcased the impact of synthetic data in modern applications. Sherry List, the CEO, gave an inspirational presentation during the Applied AI Lunch Talks, while CTO Goran Vuksic facilitated a hands-on workshop. Each session explored the strategic use of synthetic data to improve the accuracy of AI models in computer vision, demonstrating its critical role in developing advanced AI models.
syntheticAIdata at DTU SkyLab: Enhancing AI Models with Synthetic Data

Empowering AI Solutions with Synthetic Data

During Applied AI Lunch Talks, Sherry List presented a session titled "Empowering AI Solutions with Synthetic Data". She discussed the widespread use of computer vision across various industries and addressed the major challenges in training custom AI models, including high costs and large data requirements.
Sherry highlighted synthetic data as a key solution to overcome these challenges, pointing out its potential to make AI development more efficient and effective. She demonstrated how syntheticAIdata’s Enterprise enables organisations to generate their own synthetic data, effectively overcoming these hurdles.
Applied AI Lunch Talks are a series of monthly sessions organized by AI Denmark, The Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence and DTU SkyLab.
Reflection from Sherry List:
"After this session on 'Empowering AI Solutions with Synthetic Data,' it's clear that interest is growing in how synthetic data can accelerate the go-to-market process while also mitigating privacy risks and reducing biases in datasets. Synthetic data not only cuts down on the costs associated with data collection and annotation but also enhances the accuracy and scalability of AI models. It was exciting to see so many innovative minds eager to explore these possibilities."
Sherry List presenting to a group of people
Sherry List presenting to a group of people
Sherry List presenting to a group of people
Goran Vuksic presenting to a group of people
Goran Vuksic presenting to a group of people

Unlocking New Insights with Computer Vision and Synthetic Data

In a separate initiative, Goran Vuksic held an interactive workshop specifically designed for startups from the DTU SkyLab community. The workshop, called "Unlocking New Insights with Computer Vision and Synthetic Data".
During the workshop, Goran provided a comprehensive overview of Azure AI Studio and explained how synthetic data can significantly increase the model accuracy. He also demonstrated the capabilities of the syntheticAIdata Enterprise, particularly its seamless integration with Azure Custom Vision and other cloud solutions. This feature simplifies and streamlines the entire process of training accurate AI models for visual recognition tasks.
Reflection from Goran Vuksic:
"This workshop was a deep dive into the transformative impact of synthetic data on computer vision. The startups brought great energy and ideas, which showed the vast potential for innovation. Synthetic data not only enhances the capability of computer vision but also makes these technologies more accessible and equitable for emerging companies".

About AI Denmark:

AI Denmark inspires and helps SMEs to get started faster by utilising data and AI tools in their digital transformation process. By facilitating easier understanding and practical use of digital and AI tools, they help businesses quickly adapt and innovate. Their initiatives also contribute to a national AI framework, including best practices, an online learning platform, a community for AI enthusiasts, and the Danish AI Award.

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