Synthetic Data For Vision AI

The Cost-Effective Route to Accelerate Your AI Journey.

Synthetic Data For Vision AI

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What is syntheticAIdata?

syntheticAIdata is your partner in creating synthetic data that enables you to craft diverse datasets effortlessly and at scale. Utilising our solution doesn’t just mean significant cost reductions; it means ensuring privacy, regulatory compliance, and expediting your AI products' journey to the market. Let syntheticAIdata be the catalyst that transforms your AI aspirations into achievements.

Product Features

While we work hard on adding many new features to our solution, main features of syntheticAIdata are highlighted below.


Unlimited Data

Synthetic data is generated on a large scale and can cover many scenarios when real data is insufficient.


Perfectly Annotated

A variety of annotations can be automatically generated. This greatly shortens the time for data collection and tagging.


Cost Effective

Minimise costs for data collection and tagging by generating synthetic data on a large scale.


No Code Solution

Our user-friendly and no-code solution empowers even those without technical expertise to easily generate synthetic data.


Cloud Integrations

With seamless one-click integration with leading cloud platforms, our solution is the most convenient to use on the market.


Eliminates Privacy Risks

Synthetic data can simulate real-world scenarios and remove many burdens, such as privacy and regulatory concerns.

What You Can Build

Vision AI Solutions

Vision AI Solutions

Our solution supports the most used image annotation types: object detection, semantic segmentation, and image classification.

Realistic Environments

Realistic Environments

Wide range of advanced features in the solution allows you to generate synthetic data in realistic environments.

Defect Detection

Defect Detection

Computer vision applications enable businesses to detect product defects faster, ensuring that products meet the required quality standards.

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Let us help you generate synthetic data on a large scale. Contact us to learn more about our platform and services we can provide!

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